Snake 🐍

Embark on a sleek adventure in this snake game! Maneuver through a vibrant digital world, devouring apples to grow your serpent. The only challenges? The game's border and your own tail. Can you munch on apples, skillfully grow your snake, set a high score, and become the ultimate serpent master?


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AuthorFabio Arnold
Tags2D, Animals, High Score, Retro, Singleplayer, Vector

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nice game man

  I like how nice the design is

  the map is like chess but but greewn

Thanks! The graphics are all vector-based. So you can scale infinitely and everything should stay sharp. 


I had a fantastic time playing this game! I made an engaging video and a detailed review. Your subscription to my YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated!

Conquering All High Scores! The Ultimate Gameplay and Review Experience for the Indie Snake Game - YouTube

That's so cool! It was so much fun seeing you play my game, haha. Thank you! Liked, subscribed, and commented. :)


Some thoughts!

I love how smooth the movement's animation is and the snake's silly eyes looking for the apple.

The sound of the apple's bite plays some milliseconds later for me. It doesn't happen at the exact moment the snake closes its mouth.

I felt comfortable playing even with the field and snake being the same color.  You could implement a color picker function for the snake and background. Also, have the chance to select one of some other fruits or even randomize them.

If you die with a long snake, it takes forever to do all the explosions! My mother thought my fan went down. After the fifth one, you could lower the explosion's volume and call the high score screen.

That is it! I liked it a lot! :)

Hey Joy,

thanks so much for your thoughts! Really appreciate it!

There might be a bit of silence in the audio file, because in the code I play the sound even before the snake has closed its mouth. Someone also mentioned there's a noticeable pause in the background music. Fixing audio is on the to-do list. :)

Yeah, green on green is visually not very interesting. I should experiment with some color. Now that the background isn't grass anymore and more abstract that could work. Love the idea of having multiple kinds of fruits.

I guess most people don't know you can actually skip the death animation by clicking the mouse or pressing a key and suffer through the whole thing. I kept the death animation mostly as a joke. It doesn't really fit the tone of the cheerful "new high score" animation that comes after.

Finally, what's your score? :)


A small and sad 16! XD I didn't have time to improve!

Well, a 16 brings you to the top of the high score. I guess once I add gamepad support you will be unstoppable.